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Ridgways Hearing Care is a local independent hearing centre with branches in Endon and Newcastle-Under-Lyme. 

Reputable brands

At Ridgways Hearing Care, we are committed to offering customers a wide choice of the best hearing aids on the UK market.

Our audiologists work with many major suppliers to ensure you gain a comprehensive choice of the latest hearing technology. There’s been major strides forward in hearing aids in recent years with many now being highly intuitive multiple use health care devices. Most hearing aids are now so tiny that your family and friends probably won’t notice that you are using them.

Variety of choices for everyone

Hearing aids are available for every kind of hearing impairment from a wide range of companies. Our audiologists work with you to assess what would work well for you and discuss a range of options. Once a decision has been made, we’ll fit them and then assess, over several weeks, that you have the product that best fits your needs. The technology is truly amazing and extremely diverse. There’s hearing aids that interact with your phone and TV and can be programmed to give you the ideal sound levels in your favourite environments. Others can check your temperature and can even be programmed to alert your next of kin, if you were to have a fall. The main factor influencing the price of a hearing aid is the technology that it uses. Over time, consumer electronics and technology have become more advanced, with the prices of products coming down. Equally, technology has advanced, giving you the option of smaller, multi-functional hearing aids, so there’s many choices across lots of price bands.

We offer only the best products

There are more than 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss, or one in six of the population. By 2035, it is estimated that there will be 15.6 million people with hearing loss in the UK – that’s one in five! more than 900,000 people in the UK are severely or profoundly deaf. As we continue to live longer, coupled with growing exposure loud noise from modern lifestyles, hearing impairment is increasingly common at an earlier age. Even a slight hearing loss can have a negative impact on our ability to work, socialise and enjoy life. Once we reach our 80’s, more than half of us suffer from significant hearing loss.

If you need help, but don’t know how to move forward, don’t despair. Our friendly, experienced team will guid you through all the options. Everything we do is tailored to your individual needs.

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